Bed Bug Virtual Conference CEUs

Updated as of 4.16.19

You must be present for the entire duration of the Bed Bug Virtual Conference in order to be eligible for CEU Credit.
To qualify for CEU credit you are required to provide the full name on your license, state in which you are applying for CEU credit, your license number, and date of birth.

StatesCEU CreditsCategory
Delaware4 Credits7A - General Pest Control
Florida4 CreditsCommercial General Household Pests
Limited Certification Structural Pest Control
Kansas4 Credits7D - Health-Related
8 - Public Health
Mississippi4 CreditsIndustrial, Institutional, Structural and Health Related Pest Control
Public Health Pest Control
Pennsylvania6 Credits11 - Household / Health Related
18 - Demonstration & Research
23 - Park / School Pest Control
Rhode Island
Note: An individual must be currently certified in the appropriate category in order to be eligible for the approved training credit.
3 Credits7A - General Pest Control
8 - Public Health Pest Control
10 - Research & Demonstration Pest Control
Com License
Tennessee4 CreditsC07 - Structural Pest Control
C08 - Public Health
C10 - Demo & Research
C12 - Pesticide Dealer
Utah3 CreditsPesticide Use Management
West Virginia8 Credits8A - General Pest Control
8E - Urban IPM
9 - Public Health
Status of Other CEUs
AlaskaPending Approval
ArizonaPending Approval
California SPCBDenied
ConnecticutPending Approval
GeorgiaPending Approval
HawaiiPending Approval
IdahoPending Approval
KentuckyPending Approval
MarylandPending Approval
MichiganPending Approval
MontanaPending Approval
NevadaPending Approval
New HampshireDenied
New JerseyPending Approval
New MexicoPending Approval
New YorkDenied
OregonPending Approval
South CarolinaPending Approval
TexasPending Approval
VermontPending Approval
WashingtonPending Approval
Alberta, CanadaPending Approval
Newfoundland, CanadaPending Approval