Bed Bug Virtual Conference CEUs

Updated as of 5.17.18

States CEU Credits Category
Arizona 3 Credits PMD
Delaware 3 Credits General Pest Control
Florida 3 Credits Regulatory Pest Control
Commercial General Household Pests
Public Health Pest Control
Maryland 8 Credits General Pest Control
Mississippi 3 Credits Industrial, Institutional, Structural and Health Related Pest Control
Public Health Pest Control
New Jersey 3 Credits General & Household Pests
General Public Health
New Mexico 4 Credits General
PRAP - Private Restricted Agricultural Pesticides
PRRO - Private Restricted Rodenticides Only
Rhode Island 3 Credits Research & Demonstration Pest Control
General Pest Control
Tennessee 3 Credits Structural Pest Control
Public Health
Demonstration & Research
Pesticide Dealer
Utah 4 Credits Pesticide Use Management
West Virginia 6 Credits General Pest Control
Urban IPM
Public Health
Demonstration & Research
Wyoming 4 Credits Wyoming Commercial Pesticide Applicator
Status of Other CEUs
State Status
Alaska Denied
California SPCB Denied
Colorado Denied
Connecticut Pending Approval
Georgia Pending Approval
Kansas Pending Approval
Michigan Pending Approval
Montana Pending Approval
Nevada Pending Approval
New Hampshire Pending Approval
New York Denied
North Carolina Denied
Oregon Pending Approval
Pennsylvania Pending Approval
South Carolina Pending Approval
Texas Pending Approval
Vermont Denied
Washington Pending Approval